In a world that is in constant flux, one thing stays the same; God.  He never changes.  This site was created to help others to connect with God through personal or corporate worship.  You’ll find out about me and be given resources for your journey.

When I started leading worship, there was a new movement in the church to bring the style of music that “everyone else” listened to into the spiritual experience. It helped bridge a gap between our society and our weekend programs.  Church can feel a little strange to someone who hasn’t gone, and we wanted to do whatever we could to make them feel more comfortable.  Over the years, it become my goal to continue with this evolution by training other worship leaders and worshipers to bring God into their everyday life adventures.

Guitar Tutorials.

I want you to be able to lead songs for yourself.  I’ve created these videos for people just starting out who want to learn to play guitar. You’ll find more beginner and advanced videos on my YouTube channel.  You can download the lead sheet below each video link.




Here are a few audio recordings of some recent live worship songs.  The sound quality is not that of a studio setting.

Audio Recordings.

I GIVE YOU MY HEART: Diane Wick on keys and vocals

THE STAND: featuring Diane Wick – Acoustic/vocal

10,000 REASONS: featuring Diane Wick – Acoustic/Vocal

PSALM 126 (The Lord Has Done Great Things): written by Ashely Peacock.  Featuring Diane Wick – Acoustic/Vocals, Rachel Hampton – BGV

AMAZING GRACE: Arranged by Diane Wick featuring: Diane Wick- Keys/Vocals, Paul Schuster- Electric Guitar, Burt Tienken – Bass, Rob Trump – Drums

My History.


I’ve had the wonderful privilege to work with many churches, learn from many worship leaders and lead in several countries.  Here are a few of the things I’ve been able to do.


DESERT VINEYARD, Lancaster, Ca. Brent Rue was the senior pastor when I was a worship leader there.  A few years later I was able to serve under the current pastor, David Parker. During this season, I traveled with Brent Rue leading worship in Europe and for youth conferences featuring John Wimber.

VINEYARD BOISE, Boise Id.  I was able to help with this church when it was just a year old.  I served under pastor Tri Robinson, the founder of the Vineyard Boise.  I also worked with Ian Townend in his recording studio “Off the Vine Productions”.  I was trained in sound, and studio recording techniques as well.

VINEYARD NORTH PHOENIX, Phoenix, Az.  Marty Kaiser was the worship leader when I was leading at this church.  Brian Anderson, the founding pastor (and still the lead pastor) is whom I served under. It was during this season that I was given a team to lead and also oversaw the worship for our special prayer events.  I had the opportunity to travel to Australia to lead for conferences there. I was also trained in video and lighting production.

VINEYARD CHRISTIAN CHURCH Florence, Ky. I took on a full-time worship pastor position in 2003.  I served under Barry Long, the senior pastor and now also Marc Ladouceur, the current lead pastor.  My role included not only leading worship, but also, training, developing teams for sound and presentation, and graphic/web design.

ENCOUNTER VINEYARD, Newport, Ky. This is where I ventured with my husband planting a church in a nearby community of Cincinnati.  The church is small but very much serving and loving God.  I learned a great deal about church planting and more about stage lighting, and sound reinforcement.


I love poetry and songwriting.  I’ve written many songs over the years and some have been published by Vineyard Music or Vinetree Publishing.  I’ve also used my songs at the various churches where I’ve served.  Some of my published songs include:

My Great Redeemer: CCLI #2318857
King: CCLI#2842866
The Angels Sing: CCLI# 928961


How wonderful it’s been for me to have so many people pour into my life over the years.  I understand that I won’t be around forever, but knowledge shared is a legacy we can leave behind.  In anything I do, I like to be working with a team or individual to share the experiences. I have a passion and strong desire to train artists in leading worship, playing instruments, singing, lighting, and sound.  There’s no greater joy than when I can release someone else into the ministry that I’ve taught them.  What a thrill!


In every one of the churches where I’ve served, creativity was a must. I learned the value of design in college and took my photography and art skills to the church.  Each Vineyard has a different flavor and each one had people to work with me to teach me their values.  I was then able to combine that knowledge and create a cohesive experience for the Vineyard in Florence. I would bring together stage lighting, backgrounds, interactive elements and video presentations to engage people in our experiences.


With so many people on mobile devices and computers, having a great brand is vital to a church.  It helps people connect when they’re not in the building.  I’ve been able to use my skills as a graphic and web designer to help churches create a beautiful look and feel to their web page and print material.  The web site is often the first thing a potential member will see so I want it to reflect the feel and values of the church


Prior to serving in the church, I learned the basics of sound from having been in several bands.  Taking that to the churches, I was able to apply that knowledge and learn new skills from other trained technicians.  I’ve had several years experience working closely with both live and studio sound; from purchasing to installing, I can put an entire system together and make things sound great.




Serving under so many talented people has given me the opportunity to give away all I’ve learned.  Here are the skills I have and offer to the church.


I never want to be done learning.  These are the skills I’ve acquired so far, but I hope to learn more:

includes song selection, flow, arranging, watching the congregation, working with teams, planning, auditioning, schedules.

includes lyrics, melodies, arrangements and a knowledge of the copyright and publishing process.

includes purchasing gear, installing, troubleshooting, repair and mixing. I’m familiar with both analog and digital systems.

includes DMX and par can lights with dimmers or with controllers.

includes creating services that utilize other forms of worship to create an atmosphere and an experience.

includes web design, photography, logo creation, color palette, font selection, layout. I’m proficient in the adobe creative suites, all microsoft products and video production.s . and signage.



I’d love to connect with you to hear your personal needs or the needs of your church.  Fill out the form below and I’ll get back with you shortly.